Brad Pitt, Leonardo Di Caprio, Quentin Tarantino - The hottest stars in Hollywood in " Once Upon A Time In Hollywood " ( 2019) . I would have even paid $ 1000 to watch this movie. And I would have eagerly reviewed it.. But writer director Tarantino has himself admitted that he did not have the courage to stop working with producer Harvey Weinsten after hearing news that Weinstein was sexually assauting multiple women ( few other men can match Weinstein's numbing record). After close to two decades of watching Tarantino's visionary movies , I will not do so any more. I note most of the industry will care two hoots for such decisions but you do not trash your sense of self-respect just because the rest of the industry is doing it.

If you are curious to read the movie's review, there are many nice essays all over the internet - contrast the New York Times' review with that of the New Yorker's. If you would like to read my movie reviews, feel free to peruse other areas of this website.




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