This, the wise amongst you would have figured out, is not a review. It is a capsule damnation of the practice of labelling the immensely talented Hindi film industry as "Bollywood" - a shamelessly derived name. I have fought long and hard against the practice of using this slur but even industry insiders seem to have regressed into the colonial mindset of happily adopting a bastardized name. In Zoya Akhtar's "Luck By Chance" Dimple Kapadia's character sternly states that "We are the Hindi film industry, not Bollywood" - that verbalized sentiment is an oasis of genuine pride and sense amidst an ocean of morons. In the name of brevity, self-respect has been butchered. 'What's in a name', you ask?  Why not give yourself the surname of "Donkey", and take it from there ?