Trust AK-47 (Anurag Kashyap avec 46 plus ek "back-up" intensely cinematic chromosomes) to fire his opening salvo of G.o.W 2 even before its official release The trailer starts by showing the new spunky beauty of Hindi cinema- Huma Qureshi in coversation with its new turk Nawazuddin Siddiqui . Huma urf Mohsina sits with her beautiful back facing Faizal (N.S) perched in profile. He reels off the names of pikchars he wants to enjoy in her company. The names of dubious ones get dismissed while the good ones have been watched by her several times, she claims. She then takes the lead and and quizzes him on whether or not he will indulge in certain activities that boyfriends stoop to, from "godi mein gira pop-corn dhoondna" to "haath pakadna". Faizal ,donning goggles and a dead-pan expression, is in the mode of Kahaani’s Inspector Khan albeit in a romantic strictly ’mama’s boy’ mode. Giving seemingly no-nonsense quick answers, he pretends to be Rasthe ka Satya Harishchandra . What he doesnt know, is that his chick is much faster than him, and will soon leave him high and "dry".

Cut to a fibrillating montage which zips through some 70 scenes which ,in a few seconds, compendiate the the saga of Part.I. Promptly another signature of Kashyap plays on the soundtrack- an urchin’s voice, bizzarely yet catchily rhythmic ,mouths mongrel English lyrics to the tune of "Chi cha leather". Don Faizal ,rumaal girdling his neck, and mouth sprouting a cigarette, raises his hands to torch the tobacco. Baap ka Dada ka sab ka badla lega yeh Faisal ,a quivering oldman’s voice prophesies and this is promptly echoed in a volley of gun-shots fired almost point-blank by Faisal chacha,(should the sound-track have promptly played "Beta humara bada naam kareeega?" )

The classic visual leit-motifs of G.o.W are again flashed- guns being fired with abandon,like they were toys...the gallis and lower-middle class mohallas acting as a daily unceremonious stage for killings and assaults. "Ch.." and "M- ch.." words are again thrown about wantonly -both politeness and safety in these badlands are still-born qualities. Faisal, it is quickly shown, proceeds to forcibly lord over Wasseypur ,and the fate which befalls super-criminals in our country also graces Faizal- he becomes the garlanded politician ,flanked by his catwalking glamorous girl on one side ,and his lieutenant on the other, as their citizenry around celebrates as if Tendulkar has hit a 200. This trailer ,not even a full 3 minutes ,is relentless in packing the frames of these inimitable criminals their insane rollicking world bawdy humour shameless aashiqui insulted "pulis" lawless towns Hindi titles stylishly interposed with Inglis alphabets and enemies hatching plans to blow the other side into obllivion, all set to manically charged weirdly trendy music.

Characters with zany names are introduced -"Perpendicular" (shown confusing a blade for a chewing gum) , "Definite" and "Tangent". The goon parade also features Raj Kumar Yadav ,sporting a grim face (he is quickly slipping into the stereotype of a hard-core character with criminal tendencies). Sometimes,just like in the previous movie,guns don’t fire (more due to incompetence rather than performance anxiety) and Hamara Bajaj scooter with excited pillion riders are again used for murderously racing through the bylanes. Faisal meanwhile grabs and pulls his lady closer to him, and soon their marital night (presumably) "rocks" so much that his mother has to get up and give some "play silent" advice. Policemen, who are made into the baccha-log of this gangland, are as usual bullied manhandled basically " ragged " into being scared spectators.

Hindi films have the legendary scene of the lady saying "mein maa banne waali hoon" or still better " mere pet mein tera baccha hai" while the hero’s face is thunderstruck by news of this devastating tragedy. (there’s the joke about the grandmother simultaneously crying "Hey Bhagwan ,thune yeh kya kar diya!"- while Bhagwan angrily replies "meine kuch nahi kiya!") But in G.o.W 2 ,the scene is given a shameless twist- kaam khatham tho ishq bhi khatham, and the "hero’ returns the verbal compliment that his haseena had given much earlier in the starting scene.

Meanwhile, the urchin’s vocal tattoo tails off while organ music picks up and trippily starts a crescendo- the main characters with the names blazoned in red are again captured in fluctuating frames all giving way to an announcement in yellow legend that is intercut with a monochrome shot showing Wasseypur ka Naya Baap- -- THIS TIME -- orgiastically raising -- WITNESS -- and aiming his gun at his unseen target -- THE -- -a gunshot punctures the tension -- CONCLUSION -- while urchin’s voice kicks off again this time complemented both by percussion and staccato gun-fire as multiple characters are shot chased across traintracks Faisal is threatened cops disco-dance with eunuchs in strobe-lights money is counted a boot lifts its step -a gunshot and its metallic whiplash reverberates- leaving behing its bloody imprint . Wasseypur’s unwitting unsung anthem is "Yeh laal rang kab mujhe chodega!" Taken disparately, these scenes play like that of a B-grade movie, but the editor chops drizzles and splices all this fiery masala together in wicked style and succeeds in beating it to phenomenally pulsating pulp. G.o.W 1 ended with a cracker of a climax. Part II auspiciously promises to be no less a phuljadi.


PS: I am glad I opted to write a glowing review of the trailer (the movie never released in my country of 2012 domicile and after being tired and frustrated of waiting I finally reviewed the trailer itself ,while the actual movie was only watched by me aeons later) ) because Kashyap proved to be too indulgent and unfocussed in Part II - yes there were sporadic sparks of brilliance -but the eventual results paled in comparison to the first instalment.